Logix Selected as Business of the Year

by the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber


On February 2, Logix Federal Credit Union was recognized as Business of the Year by the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce. More than 300 guests celebrated at the Hyatt Regency Valencia. Other honorees include Terrell Edwards Top Entertainment, the SCV Hub Virtual Food Hall, Assistance League Santa Clarita, Captain Justin Diez, and Marlee Lauffer.

Logix opened its first Santa Clarita branch more than 30 years ago and it is the largest credit union headquartered in Los Angeles County. The credit union is a trusted community partner and recognized as one of the nation's most reliable and safest credit unions, earning a five-star rating from Bauer Financial, and 18 consecutive years as SCV’s Best.

“It is an honor to be recognized as the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber’s 2023 Business of the Year. When receiving the award, I accepted it on behalf of our entire team at Logix. I was so delighted and surprised; we are deeply humbled,” President and CEO Ana Fonseca said.

“This recognition serves as a reminder that our commitment to serve our members - and the community - is making a difference. We hope to continue to lead by example, inspiring others in the business community to prioritize finding ways to make a positive impact. It’s a wonderful and rewarding feeling to help deserving organizations however we are able.”

Logix is headquartered in Valencia, located near Interstate 5 and Highway 126, and strives to be a good corporate citizen.

The credit union sponsors the City of Santa Clarita’s Concerts in the Park, a Zamboni at The Cube, the scoreboard at Central Park and Light Up Main. Charitable contributions are shared with local nonprofits, such as Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Foundation, Carousel Ranch, Bridge to Home, Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers, Child & Family Center, and the SCV Bar Association, to name a few.

Logix operates 19 branches in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, five of which are in Santa Clarita: Bridgeport, Bouquet Canyon, Golden Valley, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia Promenade. Savings are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Logix is an equal housing lender.

Logix Rates

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New Auto Loans

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6.24% APR


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Fixed Rate Mortgages

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7.40% APR


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8.04% APR


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12-Month Flex Certificate



5.00% APY


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4.70% APY


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0.80% - 2.20% APY


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All kinds make the world, but it takes HumanKind to make it better

If you know such beings (a friend, family member, or co-worker, who is also a Logix member), nominate them today for Logix’s HumanKind Honor.

They may receive $500 cash if featured in one of our HumanKind member campaigns. To submit a friend, family, or co-worker for consideration in HumanKind, please complete the entry form that includes a summary of why the member deserves to be recognized and (if available) a few photos of them in action, or the activities they support.

Nominate Now

Logix Supports Homes 4 Families Builds in North Hollywood & Palmdale


Logix Federal Credit Union and its employees are dedicated to giving back to the community. In the last few months, staff supported two Homes 4 Families’ builds for veteran housing, one in North Hollywood – a 12-home community for low-income veteran families, the other in Palmdale – a 56-home CalVet REN (Residential Enriched Neighborhood) for low-income veteran families.

A partner to Homes 4 Families since 2015, Logix has contributed over $40,000 toward three separate veteran communities through employee volunteerism and sponsorships.

“Having family members who have served in the military inspires me to give back,” Woodland Hills Branch Manager Guadalupe Bayardo said. “Housing is a basic need, and to be able to be a part of this Homes 4 Families’ project is so rewarding. I’m proud to work for Logix – they know how important it is to spend our time making a difference.”

H4F_11_16_23_fence_verticalThe community in North Hollywood is a 12-home Veteran Enriched Neighborhood® (VEN®) that provides affordable homeownership opportunities for low-income veterans and their families. Logix was one of the first teams to get the North Hollywood community started, which is seeking donations and volunteers to help maintain affordability for deserving veterans.

The 56-home VEN® currently under construction in Palmdale is on 10 acres and has single-story units with a number of fully ADA accessible unites, a community garden, playground and is built using holistic sustainability approach to minimize chemical sensitivity and PTSD triggers.

“Logix Federal Credit Union’s support and volunteerism echoes the essence of service and commitment shown by our veterans,” said Donna Deutchman, President & CEO of Homes 4 Families. “We truly appreciate their support in ensuring our nation’s heroes will have a place to call home.”

Homes 4 Families Veteran Enriched Neighborhoods® are veteran communities built with the help of corporate groups and volunteers to bring affordable homeownership and enrichment services to deserving low-income military families. Among these important services are financial literacy and homeownership education, trauma-informed programs, employment assistance, and more.

At Logix, providing superior service to members extends beyond their branches. This is why the credit union supports schools, nonprofits and service organizations that are working so hard to make a difference in the lives of so many in the community. Through charitable giving, event sponsorships and volunteerism, Logix employees understand that lending a hand can create a ripple of change that affects and enriches the entire community.

BR_Guillermo_TAR“My team showed up for the build with enthusiasm,” Palmdale Branch Manager Dominic Burnias said. “They even brought family members with them; one might become a regular volunteer with Homes 4 Families. We’re fortunate to have employees who truly care about giving back. It’s important to them and it’s part of our culture. We take pride in supporting our community.”

Logix and Homes 4 Families employees recognize that safe and affordable homeownership is a huge piece of this puzzle and are proud to work together for the benefit of our heroes. Click here to learn about the WE Build from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 11.


>> For more information on Logix in the community, visit

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Strange...I Didn't Remember Applying for a Loan


Last Saturday, my phone pinged with a text message that would turn my life upside down. I figured it was my friend Julia reaching out for our usual weekend plans. But instead of her name, the screen displayed “Logix Federal Credit Union” - where I’ve been a member for years.

The message read:

Credit Union Alert - Did you attempt a Zelle payment for $1,500.00?

Reply YES or NO or 1 to Decline Fraud Alerts.

I reread it more slowly, thinking I had missed something in the message. A Zelle payment for that amount? No way. I would have remembered making such a large transaction.

Within seconds of typing NO, my phone rang.

My stomach dropped as I realized this might not have been from my credit union. I had read about Zelle phishing scams and remembered that replying in any way was a bad idea.

But what if there really was someone out there trying to steal $1,500 from my account?

The incoming call displayed "Logix Federal Credit Union" across the top of the screen. I answered the call.

"Hello. This is John Smith from Logix. We believe there may have been a fraudulent transaction on your Zelle account. I need to verify some information so we can protect your account."

My heart was pounding hard as I gave him my full name, Zelle account login credentials, and online banking username and password. Every instinct told me not to share it, but I couldn’t afford to lose $1,500. I had rent and a car payment due the following week.

As soon as I had provided the last detail, John said, "Thank you for verifying your identity and account information, Tammy. We'll get this sorted out right away." And just like that, he ended the call.

A sick feeling washed over me as I realized I gave a stranger all the data he needed to wreak havoc on my finances.

Tammy was right to be suspicious of the text message and phone call. When she contacted Logix using the phone number on the official website, she learned there was no record of a fraud alert or anyone from the credit union contacting her by telephone. She also learned that “John Smith” logged into her account and transferred her balance to an external account within minutes of them ending the call.

Zelle scammers pose as employees of trusted businesses and “phish” for sensitive data they can use to access financial accounts. In this case, bad actors spoofed the phone number from her financial institution and tricked Tammy into sharing the information.


You can avoid Zelle scams by following these safety tips:

  • Refuse to share login credentials and 2-factor authentication codes with anyone.
  • Do not reply to Zelle fraud alerts. Contact Logix’s Card Fraud Center at 888-241-2440 if you receive a fraud alert.

Knowing what to do when faced with a potential fraudster can be challenging. Remember that any reply to a fraud text alert can put your bank account at risk. Responding confirms to the fraudster that they have reached a valid phone number.

It is crucial to confirm written or spoken messages you receive from a financial institution. This may take more time, but it can prevent fraudulent activity on your account.

Logix will never ask you for your online banking credentials. However, we may contact you if:

  • You contacted us at our main phone number (800-328-5328) and asked us to call you back.
  • A Logix representative has scheduled an appointment with you. We may call to confirm the meeting time.
  • You asked for information about an existing or new account or new financial product. A Logix representative may try to reach you to provide answers or ask follow-up questions.

Explore other ways you can protect your accounts by visiting Logix Fraud and ID Theft Prevention and Zelle® Fraud and Scams Overview.

If someone claiming to be a Logix employee contacts you and you are unsure if it is legitimate, please contact us through our chat service on our website or call us at 800-328-5328 to confirm that we are trying to contact you.


>> Click here for more fraud-related resources


Financial Literacy: Your Key to Unlocking a Brighter Future

financialservices.logixbanking.comhubfsNavigating the Runway

In a world where economic uncertainty seems to be the only certainty, arming ourselves with financial knowledge is more crucial than ever. As part of our commitment to empowering our members, we want to emphasize the transformative power of financial literacy. It’s not just about managing your money effectively; it’s about creating opportunities for upward social mobility and securing a brighter future for you and your loved ones.

Financial literacy is the foundation upon which sound financial decisions are built. It involves understanding how money works: how it's earned, managed, invested, and saved. It's the compass that guides us through the complexities of financial products, investment options, and economic fluctuations.

Elevating Social Mobility

For many, the dream of achieving a better life—for themselves and their families—is often hampered by financial constraints. However, with a solid foundation in financial literacy, this dream is not only attainable but sustainable. Here’s how:

  • Budgeting and Saving: Mastering the art of budgeting and saving is akin to building a financial safety net. It enables you to plan for the future, cope with unexpected expenses, and avoid the pitfalls of debt.
  • Debt Management: Understanding how to manage and leverage debt effectively can transform it from a burden into a tool for building credit, investing in education, or owning a home.
  • Investing Wisely: Financial literacy opens the door to informed investing. It's about growing your wealth steadily over time and creating a buffer against economic downturns.
  • Retirement Planning: Planning for retirement is a marathon, not a sprint. Being financially literate means you’re better equipped to make choices that ensure a comfortable retirement.

The Role of Logix

As a credit union, we are uniquely positioned to support our members in their journey toward financial literacy and, by extension, upward social mobility. Here’s how we can make a difference:

  • Educational Resources: We offer seminars, and online resources tailored to enhance your financial knowledge, from basic budgeting to advanced investing.
  • Personalized Financial Advice: Our financial consultants are here to provide personalized advice that aligns with your financial goals and life stages.
  • Community Support: We foster a community where members can share experiences, advice, and support each other in their financial journeys.


A Call to Action

We encourage every member of our credit union family to take advantage of these resources. Whether you’re taking your first steps towards budgeting or exploring investment opportunities, remember, you’re not alone. Your financial well-being is our priority, and together, we can pave the way to a more secure and prosperous future.

Please click below if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our Financial Consultants.

Call (800) 553-3707

david nitkin (1)

Service Champion of the Month

We like to recognize our employees who go above and beyond for our members.

Congratulations to our Service Champion of the Month for March, David Nitkin, Financial Services Officer at our Simi Tapo Canyon branch!

David went the extra mile by aiding new members in transferring their IRA share and CDs from US Bank to Logix. Despite facing difficulties at the US Bank branch, David stepped in to assist. He escorted them across the street to the US bank branch and guided them through the process they were seeking. Thanks to his efforts, the transaction was successfully processed the same day, meeting all the members' needs. David exemplified Logix's commitment to advocating for its members.

This publication does not constitute legal, accounting or other professional advice. Although it is intended to be accurate, neither the publisher nor any other party assumes liability for loss or damage due to reliance on this material.

CHOOSE TO CRUISE SWEEPSTAKES – An eligible Individual who: sign up for monthly direct deposits of $1,500.00 or greater by 6:00 p.m. PDT on Friday, May 31, 2024, receives one (1) automatic entry. You must be 21 or older and a member in good standing at the time of the prize drawing to enter. Odds of winning are based upon the number of entries. Based upon Logix Federal Credit Union’s estimate of 150,000 entries, odds of winning are: 24:150,000. Sweepstakes begin on Monday, June 19, 2023, and ends Friday, May 31, 2024. Two winners will be selected by random drawings on first of each month beginning Tuesday, August 1, 2023, with the final prize drawing on Monday, July 1, 2024. Logix employees and their families are not eligible. Logix will report all prize winnings to the appropriate state and federal agencies as required by law. Winners are responsible for all tax consequences of the prizes. For the Official Rules, including alternate method of entry visit a Logix branch or go to: Logix membership is required. NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN THIS SWEEPSTAKES.

HUMANKIND - “Eligible nominee submissions will be welcomed and accepted through September 30, 2024. There is no limit to the number of members you can nominate. Eligible nominees must be 18 or older and a member in good standing at the time of selection. Six (6) nominees will be selected by our sub-committee of Logix employees. The selected nominees will be required to be professionally photographed for a feature in our member HumanKind campaigns publication in order to receive the $500 that will be deposited into the selected nominees’ savings account. If selected by a sub-committee of Logix employees, will notify you within 90 days of submission if you are selected to be featured in a future campaign. Logix employees and their families are not eligible. Logix will report the $500 deposited to the appropriate state and federal agencies as required by law. Recipient is responsible for all tax consequences of the $500 deposited. Logix Smarter Banking is a registered trademark of Logix Federal Credit Union.”

Logix Smarter Banking is a registered trademark of Logix Federal Credit Union.

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